I am originally from Southwest Texas where I lived for 33 years.   After visiting Washington in June of 2004, I decided this was going to be my new home.  10 months later, I was living in Everett, Washington.   From my first visit, I was captivated by the wide variety of natural beauty in Washington.   Photography was at first nothing more than a means to show my friends and family what a beautiful place this is.   Over the years, my style and techniques have changed.  However, my end goal has always been the same; to showcase the many wonders of Washington State.    

 I operate on the principle that we are only as great as the world we leave behind.   Every generation deserves the opportunity to enjoy the natural views of the world that I have been fortunate enough to witness.   One of the best ways to ensure we protect these natural wonders is to show them off.  This is where time-lapse photography comes in.  And this is why it ha become more than just a casual hobby for me. 

For the past three years I have been shooting time-lapse photography in Washington State.   In that time, I have amassed a collection of over 120 minutes of time-lapse footage.  I have spent close to 1000 hours shooting time-lapse, and at least that much more time in editing footage.   I have covered over a hundred miles of trails with thousands of feet of elevation change to capture many of the scenes in my library.   I have spent numerous nights in less than ideal weather because that is where mother nature was putting on her best show.   Quite frankly, some of the best shooting experiences  I have enjoyed came at the expense of anything resembling comfort. 

My work has been featured on multiple news outlets including Komo and Katu news, along with Good Morning America.  

Many of my scenes have been licensed for a variety of projects, and I have all of my sequences on Shutterstock where anyone can view and license them.  http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/Donald-K-Jensen-2649352/

Also, you can contact me for information on custom shooting for any projects you are working on.